Blackhead Sunset

Today was one of those soft summer days here in the West of Ireland. Soft as in, it was mild, but we had short spells of rain and drizzle, and it was cloudy for most of the day. But then, in the evening, it started to clear up, and I thought, maybe I’ll just head out with the camera for while….

Blackhead Lighthouse overlooking Galway Bay

Blackhead Lighthouse, halfway between Ballyvaughan and Fanore, is one of my favorite places in Ireland. I love the views from the steps down to the lighthouse, Galway Bay to the right, Connemara in on the horizon, and the Aran Islands to the left.

I have dozens of pictures of the little lighthouse, pictures from dark winter days with, waves crashing onto the rocks, dramatic black and white images… But today, today was different. We had the kind of light you get after a storm, dramatic clouds and soft warm light. I loved it!

And that’s it for today! Feel free to leave a comment, share this post, follow me on Instagram. Goodbye for now, take care, Andreas

Event Photography

Capturing scene, setting and emotion at their best

As if snapping sporting events isn’t exhilarating enough, I recently had the pleasure of shooting some of Ireland’s most celebrated running and cycling events, the Connemarathon, Tour De Conamara and the Rock and Road.

Kinvara Rock and Road 2019

Kinvara Rock and Road 2019

From the sheer majesty of Connemara’s towering mountain ranges and the iconic karst of the Burren, to the vibrant colours of seaside villages and hedges in full bloom, each event offered an awe-inspiring backdrop for the competitors’ raw emotions that took centre stage.

Tour de Conemara

Tour de Conemara



Before the event

With runners and cyclists buzzing with excitement before their events, the energy was electrifying. Capturing their enthusiasm and zeal and their connection to the event localities my priority was to set the scene for the invigorating challenge that lay ahead. t

Tour de Burren 2017

Tour de Burren 2017


Tour de Connemara

Tour de Connemara


During the event

Jaw-dropping scenery is one of the primary draws for the Connemarathon, Tour De Conamara and the Rock and Road events, attracting participants from all over the world. As a photographer, portraying the competitors’ collegiality, determination, commitment and pleasure as they tackled the windswept peaks, rocky outcrops and expansive plains along the Wild Atlantic Way was an absolute joy and privilege, not least when one competitor emerged on the horizon against the driving rain, powered by determination and pure grit.






After the event

There’s nothing quite like the atmosphere post event, when competitors share their full range of emotions from elation and pride to blissful tears of relief. Emerging victorious from the finish line, competitors embrace and high five one another, wearing wide smiles and twinkling eyes that share the joy of their experience.


Capturing these moments that highlight the connection between people and place are my speciality. If you are planning an upcoming event, why not give me a call? I would be delighted to portray the essence of the location alongside the heightened, real-time emotions of your participants through vibrant photographic story telling.

Celtic Fusion Bridal Wear

A fusion of landscape and fashion design for the ultimate photo shoot

Bridal Dress

It’s a rare occasion when a photo shoot comes together so seamlessly, but my most recent project shooting Celtic Fusion’s 2019 bridal collection counts among those most memorable.

Bridal Dress

I was thrilled to have the chance to work with Regina Tierney, an inspiring and celebrated designer hailing from North Clare who has blazed a trail in the Irish fashion industry for her handcrafted folklore clothing. 

Regina’s new bridal collection is nothing less than breath-taking, her designs rooted in the wild beauty and history of Ireland’s natural landscape and flowing effortlessly with passion and grace. 

Irish Bride

It was fitting therefore that our shoot take place in the long, slender grass and sloping dunes of Fanore, where the azure Atlantic waters rumbled against the ancient coast. Our shoot also took advantage of a second location using the enchanted backdrop of Glenina Castle in the foothills of the Burren.

Celtic Bride

In these locations we were treated to pure magic, where Regina’s designs danced on the gentle breeze that cooled the karst, to the depth of colours and light that connected her Celtic designs seamlessly with the landscapes. 

Celtic Bride

Rarely have I enjoyed a shoot so much, where all the important elements aligned so readily. Not only were Regina and her team great fun to work with, their insight and experience were inspiring, with make-up artist Grainne Coughlan expertly applying her knowledge to create a subtle yet distinctive effect and model Rua Rose gracefully capturing the essence of Celtic-inspired romance.



I used a standard 50mm lens for 90% of the shoot lens to focus on our model and was delighted with the result that not only showcases Regina’s spectacular bridal collection but reminds us of Ireland’s timeless beauty.


Find out more about Celtic Fusion Design and their folklore clothing for women and men plus news about their latest bridal collection at their website,

As a photographer, I was also blessed with light that changed throughout the day to create the perfect ambience for each location. From bright, blue skies that were ideal for our shoot at Fanore to a moody evening that cast a soft, serene light over the lush, green foliage and striking bare rocks at Glenina, the atmosphere was every photographer’s dream.



I could not resist the opportunity to grab a few shots of Rua in the studio before we started with the outdoor shoot.

Bridal Portrait



The Pyrenees

I have written a little post about our trip to the Catalan Pyrenees in May. 


Here is the link to the story. This is the first time that I've created a Spark page. And I have to say that I'm really pleased with the end result! What do you think? Let me know in the comments. 

01/18 - Simply Winter - Part 2

 Night at the steam train depot in my hometown of Wernigerode in the Harz mountains. 

I went back to my hometown in Germany over Christmas, and one place I always have to visit is the steam train depot there. The narrow gauge Harz Railway is one of the major tourist attractions in the region. To this day the Railway maintains a fleet of 6 steam locomotives and over 100km of tracks.

Steam engines at night, that's black and white photography almost out of the box! 

People waiting for the train.

The picture below was taken at the train station on the summit of the Brocken. The Brocken is the highest mountain in the region, and weather conditions on the summit can be extreme. On the day this picture was taken, we had near arctic conditions on the summit, while there was no snow down in the valley. 

Valley of the dead trees...

It looks like the forest in the national park Harz is slowly dying. Or, as the the park rangers say, the forest is changing. The old conifer mono cultures are left do die, over time, they'll be replaced by native broad leaved trees. That makes sense to me, it's just, the transition period isn't exactly pretty....


And that's it from Germany!

01/18 - Simply Winter - Part 1

Happy New Year everyone! 

I’d like to start 2018 with a few images I took in December last year. The Burren is a fascinating place at every season, but a dusting of snow made this lunar landscape look even more special. (click on the pictures)

So what's the plan for this year? The plan is (don't laugh, I really have a plan!) one blog post per month throughout the year. That's it, one good (!) blog post per month. I also hope to have the shop up and running at the end of the year. 

But enough about plans for the future, here are some impressions from a wintery day in the Burren. 

One of my favorites from the day, horses in the snow. 

Near Cahercommaun ring fort in the high Burren

I'm torn about this image, while I love the the b/w version, there's something about the color version...

Feral goats near Cahercommaune

One last one from the day, Abbey Hill

And that's the end of part 1...

Tour de Burren

For everyone looking for pictures From the tour de Burren, I will post links to online albums here. 

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The first pictures from the race on Saturday  are They are more pictures to come, watch this space!

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