Alan, stranger 50/100

About two years ago I joined the Galway 100 strangers project. The idea behind the project is to take at least a 100 photographs of people you don't know. It's definitely a fun project, it can be quite challenging at times but I really enjoy doing it. I have photographed 50 people to date, and so far the response from the public has been very positive. Most people actually don't mind being photographed, as long as you ask for their permission.

I met up with some fellow photographers from Galway last weekend and we all went for a stroll along the promenade in Salthill. When we reached Blackrock diving tower, I noticed  a swimmer in the water and thought, there is a brave man he could be stranger No. 50! Thankfully he Agreed:) So here he is, Alan from Galway who goes for a swim in the sea nearly every day. Sounds fun...if you like cold water swims.