Great Blasket - whales, puffins and ruins

Today I'd like to share some pictures from a memorable excursion to Great Blasket island. I went to Great Blasket with a small group of friends from the Galway Camera Club. We had booked an all day tour with eco marine tours Dingle and I can't recommend them highly enough. They really know their way around Great Blasket!

Slea Head, Dingle

The trip from Ventry harbour to Great Blasket takes about an hour. It's quite interesting to see the Dingle coast line from a different viewpoint. 

Great Blasket with the abandoned village

As you can see in the pictures, we were really lucky with the weather on the day. 

The old village on Great Blasket

There is a large seal colony on Great Blasket.

Sheep... minimalist sheep!

Stuck in traffic?

Views from Great Blasket


After roughly three hours on Great Blasket, we started the second part of our journey. A boat trip around the islands. We were told beforehand that there was a chance we might get to see whales...

As exciting as the prospect of whales was, it was a little bird that got us all very excited when we spotted it.


The waters around the Blaskets are full with sea birds. A tordalk and a puffin in close formation.

Cormorant HQ?

But its not just the wildlife around the islands that's fascinating. Stretches of the islands coastline look like something out of Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings.

We were on a our way back to the harbour, when suddenly someone shouted....Minke! A minke whale had surfaced not far from our boat.

And to make our day complete, a group of dolphins escorted us back to Ventry harbour.