February update part 1, Street Portraits

February was a good month! We were in London for a long weekend, we saw the Annie Leibovitz exhibition, I photographed some modern architecture..and we had the best hot chocolate ever! I'll post some architecture pictures in a couple of days. Over the last couple of weeks I have shot some street portraits  that I'd like to share today. 

That's Dennis. Dennis is thinking about his future. Dennis has just passed his law exam! I spotted Dennis on Eyre Square in Galway last Friday. I actually wanted to try the old 50mm 2.0 AiS lens I got recently. It's an old lens, it's manual focus, it's not the sharpest lens...but I love it! So when I saw Dennis sitting there, I simply had to photograph him. 

We then started talking, and Dennis told me, that he had just passed his law exams. To say I was surprised is putting it mildly, he just doesn't looks like your average legal professional. 

He is quite an interesting character, and a seriously nice guy! Dennis, if you read this, good luck for the future!

That's Rita! Rita was on holidays in Ireland, she is originally from Cologne in Germany. She is a bit of a travelling musician, she had her fiddle with her when I met her. 

And one from London...here's Dave! Dave was out photographing the street markets in London. I asked him for his photograph and he immediately agreed. Under the condition that he could take one of me:) The street markets in London are amazing photo locations! This one was taken in Petticoat lane. We also wandered around the markets in Shoreditch, and I'll post some images from those markets soon. 

As always, just click on the pictures for a larger version. Like it? Leave a comment!