Week 6 - The Galway Rally 2015

A quick post today, because I want to go back to Gort later on to see more of the Galway rally. I was in and around Gort for a couple of hours yesterday, and here is what I came back with:

Ze Germans are here:) Team Koelle/Hutzfeldt from Germay in their Porsche 911.

There were quite a few old Porsche's at the rally

Another classic in action.

Time for a service

Mrs Brown's Boys.....

That lovely old 911 again.....retro style:)

Ennis mart-revisited

Big day at the mart in Ennis today, show day and sale...whatever that means, I had a look around anyway.

Saen Hynes, selling cattle feed at mart. He actually asked me to photograph him, which I did, he posed like a true pro!

No shiny Landcruiser for this man, this thing has to be well over 30 years old

Orange is the new black!

Let's have a look inside the auction ring

There were a lot of dealers at the auction ring, but business seemed to be rather slow...

The other side of the business

Blue sticker on the back....award winning arse?:)

Does it all add up?

And that's pretty much it...one last one...time to get out!

Raging bull