Week 14 - Drift racing in Tynagh, part 2

I decided to skip week 13 and go straight on to week 14.... Ok, I'm joking, we were away for a couple of days and I did'nt bring the camera with me. Anyway, time for another blog! I was back in Tynagh over the weekend to photograph another round of the IGR championship series. And this time, I'm really happy with the results!

Blue skies! The weather was definitely  better than the constant drizzle we had to put up with the last time

My personal favorite, it's an old.....Daihatsu...? I'm really not exactly sure what it is, but by god he was fast.

Looks good in b/w, doesn't it?

Pink smoke!

Those two were fantastic together!


An old BMW E30 with a burbling V8? Yes please!


And that's it for the moment, I'll upload a few more images into the gallery in the next couple of days. As always thanks for looking, leave a comment if you like the post, or even better, share this blog post.