Week 7 - A walk on the wild side - the color version

Kind of a lazy blog post today, didn't get out with the camera during the week as much. Well I got some nice interior shots of Kilcolgan castle yesterday, but I'll post them when I have a complete set of shots of the castle. 

Bridge on the Doolin side of the walk, the famous Doonagore castle in the background.

So in this weeks blog post we are back in Doolin. I submitted one of the images from the Doolin walk to the Burrenbeo Trust photo competition, first price is a night in the Doolin hotel....wouldn't mind a short break in Doolin!

One of my favorite images from the day....thinking about getting this one printed

Or this one?

The light was really special on the day. I bought a weatherproof camera cover this week to protect the camera on future outings. Photographing waves can be great fun, but the sea spray isn't all that good for electronic equipment.

Further down the coast

That's the image I submitted to the Burrenbeo competition

I love this one as well

That's it for this week, more here next week. Thanks for looking, feel free to leave a comment, share this post, or even buy a print:)

Going for a walk on the real Wild Atlantic Way

Signs have popped up all along the West of Ireland promoting the Wild Atlantic Way. Failte Ireland has spent 10 million euros on road signs and promotions, which is a good thing, as nobody wants to see tourists getting lost in the wild. Some sections of the road, the stretch between Ballyvaughan and Fanore comes to mind, are among the most scenic driving routes in the world. It would be nice though, if the department of transport could find another 100 million euros to actually fix some of the potholes along the Wild Atlantic Way.

Click on the images for a larger view.

Sea cliffs on the Wild Atlantic Way between Doolin and the Cliffs of Moher

Clare County Council on the other hand, spent a couple of hundred thousand euros creating the most beautiful coastal walk in Ireland, but decided to keep it a secret. I'm talking about the newly opened Cliffs of Moher coastal walk. It starts in Doolin and runs all the way to Liscannor. In my opinion, it is the most beautiful walk in Ireland, if you can find the trail head:) 

To find the trail head, park the car in the car park near Doolin pier on Fisher street. There are several pubs and coffee shops near the car park, the famous magnetic music shop is located here. Then walk back towards the village, cross the bridge, then follow the road uphill to the right. The trail head is a 5 min walk form the car park.

The trail head near Doolin.


The walk runs parallel to Co. Clare's Atlantic coast.  It is 8km from Doolin to the Cliffs of Moher and some sections of the walk are quite steep. 

Looking back towards Doolin

The sea cliffs along the way are home to thousands of sea birds.

Into the blue

Geology along the coast is quite interesting.

One of the little waterfalls along the coast.

The best time to enjoy the walk is probably in the afternoon, as the evening light makes the coast line look spectacular.

A rock pool near Doolin.

One of the best things about the new walk, is that you don't have to pay 6 euros per person to see the Cliffs of Moher!

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