Looking for Patrick - Part One

Time to share some photos from my trip to Westport and Connemara. I had this brilliant idea to climb Croagh Patrick on Patricksday. My idea was to start the climb before sunrise and then photograph the sunrise over Clew Bay from the top of Croagh Patrick. So I left the house around 3am, parked the car in the car park on the foot of the mountain and started to make my way up the mountain. I made up the mountain in good time..and this what it looked like on the summit:

(click on the images for a larger view)

It was foggy, extremely windy and freezing cold. Not exactly perfect conditions, so I decided to avoid certain death on the summit and made my way down. 

I met some hill walkers on their way up...the scene looked like something out of sci-fi movie...attack of the zombie walkers:)

Down again, Croagh Patrick covered in clouds. 

And from further away

Croagh Patrick with his head in the clouds...what a sight. 

Next stop, Silver Strand, Mayo 20km from Croagh Patrick

Another brilliant idea I had, was to camp out in the wild. Camp. Near a beach. In Ireland. In March. Let's just say, it was a pretty stupid idea. The night was freezing cold and I didn't get much sleep. But the sunset over the Atlantic was pretty nice.

I really enjoyed the sunrise the next morning, it wasn't the most spectacular sunrise ever, but the light was very nice.

Early morning Silver Strand

And the sheep were up too.

Looking back

One of my personal favorites from the trip

It was time for me to leave Silver Strand and make the most out of the morning light. So I decided to head back towards Connemara, through Doo Lough Valley. 

Reflections, Doo Lough

Hello sunshine!

The famous fishing boats Doo Lough

Doo Lough never dispappoints! A lonely tree...and a lonely sheep

Let's have a look at the tree

Looking into the valley

Time to leave Doo Lough Vally and head for Maumturk Mountains! More about that in part 2...



Week 1

Here we go, the first week of 2015 is almost over, time for a look back. I didn't get out much, but finally made it out with camera yesterday. I met up with a couple of fellow photographers and we went for a lilttle walk around  Galway.

And, surprise, surpise, I actually came back with some good photos! 

Galway Cathedral reflecting in the water of the canal. The reddish tree really makes the shot. To be honest, I was a little surprised that I got some shots, because usually meet ups with other photographers  are all about the exchanging of ideas....or you could say...a cup of tea and hours of talk about photo gear:)

I went to the harbour later on, to try out my new 35mm lens in low light. And it rocks! It makes lovely light stars.

The fun fair is still on and I couldn't resist.....

And that's it for this week, lots of color, probably a bit too much color...but hey, it's pretty grey out there. I have some black and white shots week...until the, thanks for looking at the blog!



Stranger 51/100 Josep from Catalonia

Stranger 51/100, Joseph from Catalonia

I'm very slow this year photographing strangers, but I got a lucky break today. May I introduce you to, Josep from Catalonia and Pocket his little Chihuahua dog.

I met Joseph and Pocket in the Eyre Square shopping centre. Originally from Catalonia he moved to Ireland in 2000 and has been living in Galway ever since. We talked a couple of minutes about Barcelona and the Catalan struggle for independence from Spain, something he and many other Catalans are very passionate about.

Josep, thanks for taking part in our little project!




Inisheer-seen in black and white

Inisheer, the smallest of the Aran Islands is something of a photographers dream. I recently spent some time on the island with a group of fellow photographers from Galway Camera Club. Even though the couple of hours we spent on Inisheer weren't nearly enough to fully explore the island, I'd like to share some of the pictures I brought back. 

We took the boat from Doolin in County Clare. There are several tour operators in Doolin that offer trips to the Aran Islands.

I decided that I would try and photograph the island in black and white, so I tried to compose my shots in a way that would make them especially suitable for a b/w conversion. The most dominating landscape feature on Inisheer are the dry stone walls. I'm used to seeing dry stone walls everywhere in the west of Ireland, but I have never seen a place so dominated by walls like in Inisheer. The walls basically carve up the  island in tiny pieces of land, often just big enough for a handful of animals.

The first thing you see when you arrive on Inisheer. Walls and a castle that seems to dominate the island.

Another landmark on Inisheer is the wreck of MV Plassey. There are a good few ship wrecks along the irish coast line, but none as big as this one. 

A very photogenic wreck....

The Plassey sank in March 1960

All of the crew were rescued from the sinking ship

The wreck features in the opening credits of the television series, Father Ted.

Another landmark on Inisheer is the lighthouse on the western tip of the island. The lighthouse itself is not open to the public. 

Under a stormy sky

I managed to get lost on my way back from the light house. How do you get lost on a small Island? It's the dry stone walls. The whole place is one big maze! Even the cows seem to get lost here...

the lost cows of Inisheer

This is the road to nowhere... 

walls, walls, walls....

Last stop, the little graveyard on top of a hill, near the main village.

the sky above..

We only had about 4 hrs on Inisheer. Not nearly enough to really get to know the place. So I decided I'll go back there as soon as I get a chance and photograph the rest of this magical place.

Time to head back to the mainland for now.

Not the official ferry

That's it for today. Thanks for reading! Leave a comment or even better share this post if you liked it.