Week 1

Here we go, the first week of 2015 is almost over, time for a look back. I didn't get out much, but finally made it out with camera yesterday. I met up with a couple of fellow photographers and we went for a lilttle walk around  Galway.

And, surprise, surpise, I actually came back with some good photos! 

Galway Cathedral reflecting in the water of the canal. The reddish tree really makes the shot. To be honest, I was a little surprised that I got some shots, because usually meet ups with other photographers  are all about the exchanging of ideas....or you could say...a cup of tea and hours of talk about photo gear:)

I went to the harbour later on, to try out my new 35mm lens in low light. And it rocks! It makes lovely light stars.

The fun fair is still on and I couldn't resist.....

And that's it for this week, lots of color, probably a bit too much color...but hey, it's pretty grey out there. I have some black and white shots week...until the, thanks for looking at the blog!