Looking for Patrick - Part One

Time to share some photos from my trip to Westport and Connemara. I had this brilliant idea to climb Croagh Patrick on Patricksday. My idea was to start the climb before sunrise and then photograph the sunrise over Clew Bay from the top of Croagh Patrick. So I left the house around 3am, parked the car in the car park on the foot of the mountain and started to make my way up the mountain. I made up the mountain in good time..and this what it looked like on the summit:

(click on the images for a larger view)

It was foggy, extremely windy and freezing cold. Not exactly perfect conditions, so I decided to avoid certain death on the summit and made my way down. 

I met some hill walkers on their way up...the scene looked like something out of sci-fi movie...attack of the zombie walkers:)

Down again, Croagh Patrick covered in clouds. 

And from further away

Croagh Patrick with his head in the clouds...what a sight. 

Next stop, Silver Strand, Mayo 20km from Croagh Patrick

Another brilliant idea I had, was to camp out in the wild. Camp. Near a beach. In Ireland. In March. Let's just say, it was a pretty stupid idea. The night was freezing cold and I didn't get much sleep. But the sunset over the Atlantic was pretty nice.

I really enjoyed the sunrise the next morning, it wasn't the most spectacular sunrise ever, but the light was very nice.

Early morning Silver Strand

And the sheep were up too.

Looking back

One of my personal favorites from the trip

It was time for me to leave Silver Strand and make the most out of the morning light. So I decided to head back towards Connemara, through Doo Lough Valley. 

Reflections, Doo Lough

Hello sunshine!

The famous fishing boats Doo Lough

Doo Lough never dispappoints! A lonely tree...and a lonely sheep

Let's have a look at the tree

Looking into the valley

Time to leave Doo Lough Vally and head for Maumturk Mountains! More about that in part 2...



site update

I made some changes to the galleries today, uploaded some new images, got rid of some older stuff. I'm pretty busy with photography projects at the moment, which is a good thing, but it means that I don't have the time for regular blog updates at the moment. But the things I'm working on are pretty interesting! More when everything is finished....

Random stuff

Today I want to post some pictures that are just, well, random stuff I photographed over the last couple of weeks and months.

That's the newly built Aran Island ferry car park in Doolin Co Clare. The storm threw a few pebbles on it... and a few big rocks. They definitely have some cleaning up to do before the tourist season starts. 

A nice sunset over the Atlantic, seen from the Sky road in Clifden. I put the Wild Atlantic Way sign in the foreground, it just lined up nicely with the sun. The company who designed the signs for the Wild Atlantic Way saw the photo on Twitter, liked it, and bought it off me. 

Bluebells in Portumna forest park. That place is magical! I'm not that great when it comes to photographing plants and flowers, and I was about to give up on the bluebells, when I got this shot. Actually, I was on my way back to the car when the light changed and scene came to live. 

This is another unplanned shot. I needed some pictures for a wildlife competition, so I was driving around with my long telephoto lens on the camera, looking for birds or basically any kind of wildlife. I didn't find any, or maybe they were scared of me, or maybe I'm not a wildlife shooter. Anyway, I saw the sun going down behind the ruin of Tyrone House, which is just a short drive from our house, and since I had the telephoto lens on the camera, I just tried to get a shot. And I was lucky! I didn't win anything in that wildlife competition though...

And to finish today's post, another shot against the sun. I love shooting against the sun! Ok, having a camera that can handle that kind of light certainly helps:) I took this image in Bellharbour Co. Clare, posted it on Facebook, someone recognised the field, and passed the photo on to the farmer. He liked it as well! He gave me a big bag of salad for it!:} The field in the picture belongs to the Fahy Farm from Bellharbour, they supply restaurants all along the west coast with fresh salads. 

That's it for today, another update next week, take care

For Arthur!


Time for an update

I have been pretty busy the last couple of months. It's only now that I'm finally catching up, so apologies that the site hasn't been updated in a while. So what did I get up to the last 3 months?

Well, we went to London

I went hill walking

We had a big photo shoot

And I met some interesting strangers

Over the weekend I'll add the shots from our trip to London. I got an interesting mix of photos, from modern architecture to street scenes from Shoreditch. It's worth checking out! 

February update part 1, Street Portraits

February was a good month! We were in London for a long weekend, we saw the Annie Leibovitz exhibition, I photographed some modern architecture..and we had the best hot chocolate ever! I'll post some architecture pictures in a couple of days. Over the last couple of weeks I have shot some street portraits  that I'd like to share today. 

That's Dennis. Dennis is thinking about his future. Dennis has just passed his law exam! I spotted Dennis on Eyre Square in Galway last Friday. I actually wanted to try the old 50mm 2.0 AiS lens I got recently. It's an old lens, it's manual focus, it's not the sharpest lens...but I love it! So when I saw Dennis sitting there, I simply had to photograph him. 

We then started talking, and Dennis told me, that he had just passed his law exams. To say I was surprised is putting it mildly, he just doesn't looks like your average legal professional. 

He is quite an interesting character, and a seriously nice guy! Dennis, if you read this, good luck for the future!

That's Rita! Rita was on holidays in Ireland, she is originally from Cologne in Germany. She is a bit of a travelling musician, she had her fiddle with her when I met her. 

And one from London...here's Dave! Dave was out photographing the street markets in London. I asked him for his photograph and he immediately agreed. Under the condition that he could take one of me:) The street markets in London are amazing photo locations! This one was taken in Petticoat lane. We also wandered around the markets in Shoreditch, and I'll post some images from those markets soon. 

As always, just click on the pictures for a larger version. Like it? Leave a comment!