Celtic Fusion Bridal Wear

A fusion of landscape and fashion design for the ultimate photo shoot

Bridal Dress

It’s a rare occasion when a photo shoot comes together so seamlessly, but my most recent project shooting Celtic Fusion’s 2019 bridal collection counts among those most memorable.

Bridal Dress

I was thrilled to have the chance to work with Regina Tierney, an inspiring and celebrated designer hailing from North Clare who has blazed a trail in the Irish fashion industry for her handcrafted folklore clothing. 

Regina’s new bridal collection is nothing less than breath-taking, her designs rooted in the wild beauty and history of Ireland’s natural landscape and flowing effortlessly with passion and grace. 

Irish Bride

It was fitting therefore that our shoot take place in the long, slender grass and sloping dunes of Fanore, where the azure Atlantic waters rumbled against the ancient coast. Our shoot also took advantage of a second location using the enchanted backdrop of Glenina Castle in the foothills of the Burren.

Celtic Bride

In these locations we were treated to pure magic, where Regina’s designs danced on the gentle breeze that cooled the karst, to the depth of colours and light that connected her Celtic designs seamlessly with the landscapes. 

Celtic Bride

Rarely have I enjoyed a shoot so much, where all the important elements aligned so readily. Not only were Regina and her team great fun to work with, their insight and experience were inspiring, with make-up artist Grainne Coughlan expertly applying her knowledge to create a subtle yet distinctive effect and model Rua Rose gracefully capturing the essence of Celtic-inspired romance.



I used a standard 50mm lens for 90% of the shoot lens to focus on our model and was delighted with the result that not only showcases Regina’s spectacular bridal collection but reminds us of Ireland’s timeless beauty.


Find out more about Celtic Fusion Design and their folklore clothing for women and men plus news about their latest bridal collection at their website, celticfusiondesign.com

As a photographer, I was also blessed with light that changed throughout the day to create the perfect ambience for each location. From bright, blue skies that were ideal for our shoot at Fanore to a moody evening that cast a soft, serene light over the lush, green foliage and striking bare rocks at Glenina, the atmosphere was every photographer’s dream.



I could not resist the opportunity to grab a few shots of Rua in the studio before we started with the outdoor shoot.

Bridal Portrait