Omey Races 2016

Every year in July there are horse races on a beach between Omey Island and the mainland. Omey Island is located just of the Connemara coast, near the village of Claddagduff in Co. Galway. 

The races are very popular with locals and tourists. And its easy to see why:

The setting is just beautiful!

This is not a permanet race track. The organizers only have a couple of hours, when the tide is out, to set up the track. 

First, the horse boxes arrive. Then the track is prepared

The bookies set up shop

The horses are brought for a little walk down to the sea

The beach looks so peaceful

The jockeys get ready

And they are off!

I love that backdrop, the colour of the sea, the hills, its just perfect!

And there is of course plenty of action.

A few more from a different spot

They do look great in black and white as well

I thinking about printing one of the b/w pictures in A2 size. I'm sure they would look fanastic framed.

And that's it from Omey Island. As always, thanks for stopping by, feel free to leave a comment, share this post...or buy a print!